Red Doors - Barbara Carini

I am Barbara and I am in the international business relationships field.

I worked in Italy, Europe and I spent almost a decade in my second country: China.

Thanks to my journey, both private and professional, I have learnt that the necessary ingredients to successfully communicate with foreign markets cannot just be counted on one hand. Nevertheless, the ability of listening, understanding and identifying with the counterpart empathizing is definitely the key instrument for a long-term cooperation.

Starting from my experience, I help companies to communicate at their best with foreign markets, developing their full potential and assisting them in establishing long term business relationships.

Doing business with cultures completely different from our own is not instantaneous. Relationships are based on trust, which can be built when, not only the linguistic obstacles are overcome, but also the cultural barriers are broken, when you learn to think like the other person.

Companies rich out to me to understand what their counterpart is saying from a linguistic, cultural and business point of view, in order to avoid any waste of time, conflicts, gaffes and consequent/resulting account and projects loss.


Cross-cultural business communication

The verbal and not verbal communication between people belonging to different cultures, coming from different places, who speak different languages, who have different body language and different ways of doing business.


Business Chinese classes (Individual lessons are available too)

Specific training classes for executive stuff dealing or working in China

Linguistic support

websites translations, technical manuals and informative material (brochures, catalogues etc…)

“Ascolta le due parti e vedrai la luce, credi ad una sola e resterai nelle tenebre”
魏徵Consigliere dell’Imperatore Tai Zong della dinastia Tang

Why rely on me?

  • Deep knowledge of the language in several technical fields
  • Deep Knowledge of Chinese culture and way of doing business
  • Passion for communication and mutual understanding
  • Perseverance, patience and resolution
  • Experience in multiple sectors gained in several years spent in China and Europe (automotive, international forwarding, fine jewellery, textile and textile machineries)


Companies which rely on me will find in one single figure a guide able to provide support and suggestions in order to avoid uncomfortable situations, misunderstandings and hesitation in the creation of new businesses or in overcoming unpleasant impasse raised in previous activities.

I constantly update myself on the Chinese political and economic situation and my networking level is quite high.

My customers are mainly coming from Italy, Europe and China